Why Avanset’s new pricing model may be end of the popular VCE IT certification exam simulator file format

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For several years now, the VCE or Visual CertExam file format has been the popular choice for running certification test simulations.  Whether you approve of the practice of studying brain dumps or not, they are an effective way to prepare for a certification exam.  That fact is undeniable.  Any certification instructor who wants to give their students the best possible chance of passing an exam will provide them with information and resources outside of the official curriculum, such as Visual CertExam and the very often free VCE files that are available for download from multiple sites such as examcollection.com.

New Pricing!

Though I never saw any sort of public announcement, Avanset suddenly changed their pricing structure sometime in late March or early April of this year (2014).  I had personally purchased Visual CertExam Suite (Manager Only) in early March for a one-time fee of $29.99.  I have been planning to create an IT Certification Exam Guide for quite some time, and intended on showcasing their simulator in my guide.  However, when I went to the Avanset’s website today, I was shocked to learn that they had implemented a subscription-based monetization strategy.  Normally this wouldn’t be a problem.  If you put in the work to develop great and valuable software, then you should absolutely be able to make a profit from it.  In fact, I hope to make my blog profitable someday, but more on that later.

The shock was in the extortionary price tag. Okay, I’m not sure if extortionary is real word or not, but I’m using it anyway.  Their new basic product can be subscribed to for $19.99/month, but only with a 1-year long subscription which must be paid in advance.  A 1-month subscription is now $49.00.  That is simply insane!

Avanset Pricing - Cyber Career Coach.comIs it Time for Some Competition?

This revelation actually made me angry.  I immediately, sent them an email detailing my disappointment.  I know it was a complete waste of time, but it made me feel better anyway.  My first thought was that there is no way this is going to work.  Every programmer, coder, or developer will be working on a replacement for their exam simulator.  My next thought was that maybe I would put together a team and develop a solution myself.  Okay, I’m not a coder, but tried to take a look at the file format.  That’s when I discovered that it was encrypted.  Okay no problem.  I’m sure someone else has already cracked that nut so off I went to google.

The weird thing is that nobody else seems to have done it.  I found a few discussions about it here and there, but by and large, nobody really seemed interested in it.  I wouldn’t have bothered either at $29.00.  I felt that was a fair price point; perhaps even a great value.  I may have even been willing to pay up to $50.00, but not for 1-month only.  $239.88/year is simply beyond the pale.

How Did We Get Here?

The creators of this format made it super easy and free to convert brain dumps from PDF or text to VCE files which could then be opened with the Visual CertExam Simulator software.  The simulator provides an experience that is very similar to the actual certification exam, and includes other features to aid in memorization and practice.  Basically, other people created the testing content to be used on their proprietary platform, and for this content they paid nothing!

Websites such as examcollection.com provide a repository for these brain-dumps which can be downloaded and used to practice for an exam.  Free exams created by a rabid community of fans who will buy software and create more free exams.  That’s an incredibly smart business model, and it provided value for everyone.  However, this new pricing structure puts that model in jeopardy.

I noticed a while back that examcollection.com, which used to be a free vce repository had begun offer premium exams.  These premium exams were curated, and guaranteed to be accurate.  Okay, that’s fine.  Many people are willing to pay for practice exams so I saw no problem with it as long as the free exams remained available, and so far they have.

Essentially, I feel like a sort of bait and switch has taken place.  Much like a drug dealer, you are given a little taste and then a little more until you’re hooked.  Next, you begin to get less and less for your money.  Then, when you are sufficiently addicted, the price goes through the roof, and you are willing to knock-off a liquor store to get your hands on some blow.  Note: I assume that’s how it works. Of course this is based upon my extensive research in the field, and by research I am referring to episodes of Miami Vice and Breaking Bad!

Something Smells fishy…

I decided I was going to explorer creating a new, open source exam simulator, but before doing so I wanted to see if anyone else already had something to meet the need.  While it doesn’t appear that anyone else has, I thought I would head on over to examcollection.com and see if they recommended any other simulators.  They don’t, but I noticed a few interesting things on their page.  First they have dedicated a large portion of their sidebar to multiple links to the VCE Simulator Software and a Tutorial, all of which takes the user to Avanset.com, but they aren’t affiliate links.  As far as I can tell, they don’t even have an affiliate program.  Wouldn’t it make since for examcollection.com to create their own exam simulator rather than send traffic to another company?  Maybe; maybe not!  They also have three other large links: Pass4sure, TestKing, and BrainDump.  These are all fairly well known brain dump and practice test providers.

featuredInitially, that didn’t seem very strange to me until I noticed the links.  They look like affiliate links, but with the exception of pass4sure, their affiliate programs are difficult to find or seemingly impossible to sign up for.  They also all seem to have a UK mailing addresses.  Okay, so exam prep is big business in the UK, but I noticed something funny on a few of the sites.  Avanset and Braindumps.com have the same “Featured Customers” graphic! Okay that’s weird!

They also share the same address: Certplex Ltd, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom, and according to examcollection.com’s contact page they are owned by Certplex Ltd as well.  Well, what do you know!

Who is Certplex Ltd.

When I performed a google search for that address, things started to become much clearer.

googlesearchThe first result is Test-King, the third is Avanset, and even ActualTests is owned by Certplex Ltd.  Okay, so they own most or all of the commercial brain-dump repositories.  They own what appears to be the only (or at least most well-known) test simulation software, and they control the most popular repository of free exams.  All of which require their software to use.  Well, how do you like them apples!

Okay, this is obviously a well-orchestrated initiative, but what’s the purpose of going to such great lengths to obscure the connection between these companies.  Granted, a very small amount of digging will bring these connections to light, but why would you have to dig at all.  Whatever happened to the concept of providing excellent content and value for your customers to earn their business rather than dupe them into buying your products because no one else exists to compete with you?

My philosophy

I believe customers should ALWAYS be the central focus of any endeavor.  Notice I did not say the customer is always right.  Often the customer is an idiot, but that doesn’t mean the customer should not be the focus.  For example, this very blog was created out of a desire to provide real value to those who choose to consume it.

I am a firm believer in the concept of creating and delivering value first.  How can anyone expect others to give them money without first having earned it?  In addition, the knowledge and experience I have gained is only useful if I choose to share it with others.

If this site ever earns an income, I want it to be because I provide valuable content that garners such an income.  I am not really interested in pedaling crap for a quick buck.  There are already enough of those jerks on the internet.

What Can I/We Do About It

I would like to put together a team of 5 to 10 truly sincere individuals who are interested in creating a community-developed and supported, open source exam simulator software.  However, some basic criteria must be established:  1) it must be developed with a user-centric focus; 2) it must be cross-platform and look and perform better than anything that currently exists; 3) it must remain free for non-commercial & community-supported use; 4) it must be extremely easy to use, and 5) any monetization must never prevent or otherwise make it difficult for end-users to obtain and use.

The potential success of any such software is predicated on the willingness of a community to provide the content in the form of practice exams, and I believe it is nothing short of evil to leverage such free content which has been created by others to make money.  However, corporate customers could potentially benefit from a branded exam delivery solution that can be built on this platform.  Likewise, a premium support feature could be established to enhance value and meet the needs of those requiring such a level of service.

Finally, I would like to find a way to ensure that developers and contributors to the product are given credit and fairly compensated when and if any such compensation occurs.  If you’re interested in getting involved, please leave a comment on this post, or send me a note using my contact form.  I will read and respond to all of them, but the initial team must be limited.

A Word on Engagement

My ability to provide maximum value is directly tied to the level of engagement and participation of the Cyber Career Coach Community.  Interaction with my subscribers is incredibly important to me, and I am determined to make this the most value resource anywhere for Information Technology and Cyber Professionals who are serious about improving their career.  If you want to be a part of something unlike any other career blog you have ever seen, please like my facebook page, subscribe to this community, follow me on twitter, linkedin, and share, share, share with your friends.  A Podcast is coming very soon, and I’ll be adding new and better content to Youtube and other outlets as well.  Please join me on this incredible journey.


First, I am thrilled with the amount of engagement this article has generated.  Based on the growing number of alternative simulators available, I have chosen not to pursue reinventing the wheel.  However, please take a moment to look over the content here.  This website goes much deeper than a scathing expose on Avanset.

If you’re taking certification exams, it is likely that you are interested in expanding your knowledge and/or improving your income.  If either of these apply, this is site for you. Once again, thanks for taking the time to read!  You may also be interested in the podcast

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242 comments on Why Avanset’s new pricing model may be end of the popular VCE IT certification exam simulator file format

  1. I dont think examcollection is owned by same company as testking. EC was sued by TK last year for illegal use of their materials. I dont know how testking could say their materials were protected, as the entire industry is illegal (test takers aren’t supposed to share test questions). Since then, EC allowed advertisements from TK. Perhaps TK bought up EC as part of an agreement of the lawsuit. I’d help u out if I were a programmer. Wish u good luck.

    1. Thanks for commenting. It was surprising to me too, but the contact pages all clearly state that each is owned by Certplex Ltd. I also agree with you regarding the illegal sharing of test questions, but right now Certplex is lining their pockets from the practice, and that’s just wrong.

      1. There is a new website called vceexams.co.nf which offers VCE files that work with the web-based VCE trainer.

    2. I found another alternative, which is even simpler to use than the A+ Android app. With vcetrainer.com you can simply upload your vce files and take the test online.

      1. I have verified that this website does in fact work! I tried a cracked version of VCE Exam Simulator (before 2.0.2) and it’d tell me that the VCE file was created with a newer version than I had. I also did not find any cracked VCE simulators that were newer than the one I tried. Either way, I’m happy with this site. I hope it stays on the up and up.

        1. The vcetrainer.com site in reality gives you 5 questions just like the test program in demo mode. The for $9.99 you can release the remaining questions for web based access. So it is not free either.

  2. Thanks for good article. I’m not a developer. But I’m planning to create Open source exam simulator with different file format. But the main goal is to make free well documented file format. btw Android application “A+ VCE Player” is managed to open VCE file format. p.s. Sorry for my bad english 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, and the the info about A+ VCE Player. Good luck with your Open Source initiative as well!

      1. Avanset’s new pricing ist just crazy… I used the VceTrainer.com and studied for the exam online. Even much cheaper…

  3. I too was a paying customer. I bought the test engine last year for $29 and loved it. I used it to prepare for two cert exams. Imagine my shock when I went back to get some more vce files and found that they had been modified NOT to work with the test engine I paid for. The error message said something about wrong version. Which means ‘pay us again(and again and again). Even the older vce files which were present when I bought my test engine have been modified not to work now. Happily there are several vce test banks around the internet. The exact same vce files downloaded from somewhere else work fine with my 1 year old test engine. The new model is not supportable and I hope they fail. I would like to point out that a cracked testing engine can be downloaded from thepiratebay.se. Search for Avanset Exam Simulator w crack. Happy Testing!

    1. “Happily there are several vce test banks around the internet. The exact same vce files downloaded from somewhere else work fine with my 1 year old test engine.”
      Could you be more specific? I’m ripping my hair out trying to get ANY vce file to work. Exact links would be most appreciated.

    2. I had the exact same thing happen to me. I bought the full version so I could use it at work and I didn’t feel comfortable installing cracked software onto my work PC. I used to create my own VCE files. Then a few months later, I couldn’t even use the software I had purchased. Sending them an email did nothing. I refuse to even use their software anymore. I am seeking an alternative.

  4. Great article, really interesting reading. I went through almost the exact same motions you did. I was incredibly shocked to see their new subscription model, sent a strongly worded email to vent and make myself feel better, then looked to pull apart a vce encrypted file! I would completely support an open source competitor. I stumbled across your blog by searching “avanset makes me angry” in google!
    Currently like Ivars I now have an android tablet VM running the “A+ VCE Player” so I can still use it as a ‘desktop application’ :). I’d be interested in contributing to a platform in anyway I can.

  5. Definitely agree – I’ve been thinking this for a while. As I see it, the less closed the better, so my thinking is: a zip file (open, allows for signing, encryption, if required) containing a documented XML format for the exam structure information, a subset of HTML for the rich-text questions part, and PNG/SVG exhibits as files inside the zip. Every platform can read zips, and render HTML. A web UI might be as simple as unpacking the zip in a specific folder and pointing a very simple front-end script at it. Something like wxPython could supply a HTML rendering widget on most platforms.

    The killer app part is a decent editor, because that enables the content-producers to jump ship. This is where HTML would also pay off, since there are HTML editing widgets already in existence.

    1. Same idea only. Not HTML, but rich-text as embedded text in XML with HTML tags. File format should look like EPUB.

      1. EPUB looks like a good model! Have you made any progress? (“text with HTML tags” is really what I meant by “a subset of HTML” – no script tags, no CSS, just basic markup)

    2. I am interested to contribute to build a free test practice enginine. I have some experience in HTML XML coding. If you need help, I am in

    3. Don’t overthink it. Just separate into common text file paragraphs, one for question, one for answer. Delimiter is a with nothing in the next line. Two mean a new question. You don’t need to build the Queen Mary to cross a pond.

  6. Yea, I knew something was up between Exam Collection and Avanset when I had to reset my password for both sites and received the exact same password reset emails from each of them.

  7. Like everyone else I was stunned to see this change after paying for the old version and using it once. Their “per month” idea is ludicrous! its the kind of money corporations pay for training, but this isnt that sort of training.

    The worst thing about this is that the logistics of an app to ask questions and reveal the answers is a very very simple thing – its not like developing a 3d engine or a neural net. Its not rocket science. It probably features hevily in “my first programming book” for 8 year olds. Christ i could knock that up in vb in a morning.
    Where the REAL work , blood , sweat , tears etc is is the logging down of the questions & answers – the bit not done by avanset but by a selfless community of volunteers working hard to spread knowledge for free.

  8. I just noticed this new business mode. I had the exact same impression. I bought an original copy just cause I wanted to support them. I feel like the program is the best environment for someone to get used to the exam process without having to try the exam itself multiple times and fail.
    And since we are on topic, this practice is not legal. But the exam companies don’t test your skills, they test you credit card limit, which IMO is not ethical.

    1. I also bought the previous version and shortly thereafter it went to the new payment model. I actually subscribed for a month (I got a deal) but then found out I couldn’t cancel until I’d paid for 3 months. I’ll never deal with these shysters again!

      Good luck with creating an open source alternative. I’m not really a coder so I’m not much help I’m afraid… but I could be the official team cheerleader 😀

  9. With a little work, there are a few options already. People can create a quizlet and share that. This would work with over a dozen different flashcard apps/programs. Or if you want to get fancy, you can use the free desktop version of anki flashcard system (supports html coding for similar multiple choice quesions). They also have an app for apple iOS that supports anki, although this does cost like $25 bucks…it is a one time app cost and well worth it if you create something fancy with it. Most of these flashcard systems such as anki have a space repetition algorithm that prompts you the question before you forget it, which is nice. On some of those flashcards programs you can even use the drag n’ drop prompt that you get on some of those test questions.

  10. Why would ec have premium files if you still have to pay for vce simulator? theres no deal here, its a ripoff, btw I used vce simulator last october, it was great then.

  11. Sigh – Yip went through the Shock then anger then searched for an alternative to VCE and Examcollection but am comming up Nil Nil. Looks like they created an really amazing community then back stabbed their loyal customers. what Avanset does not realise is, they will be replaced. I spent $15 on their andriod app which now does not work. Can someone post free alternatives.

  12. I also wasted money on the iphone app just before they changed their pricing. James, can you recommend any existing vce test banks for cisco exams?
    Thanks for the research and initiative!

    1. to find working vce files for Cisco exams go to thepiratebay and search for ‘Avanset plus exams’. That version works! DO NOT upgrade or you will be locked into payware again.

  13. Can any explain the subscription concept to me please? Let’s say I pay one month subscription. I download the test engine and successfully use the VCE file in this month. Does that mean I cannot use the test engine on ANY VCE files after one month – even the VCE files that I downloaded one month ago?

    1. I’m going to try to put the Exam engine on another computer that is not connected to the Internet. I’m going to set the date to a couple of days after my purchase. How can the engine know when to expire if it cannot talk to the web? If the date never changes, how will it ever know when to expire? I remember an IT instructor (many years ago) talk about putting things like this on a virtual drive somewhere… Just a thought… Besides that, with a minimum Three Month Subscription, you should be able to download and transcribe everything you need for years…I’ve already done it. You can’t copy and paste their Exam engine screens, so I use OCR and a mouse recording macro. I start it at night, it’s done in the morning! Read my post below…

  14. The Creative Commons license fits your requirement for licensing. Cannot commercialize the core code, or your enhancements, *unless all* previous developers do so. It may be possible to complain to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission about “monopoly behavior.” If the sell in the U.S., out laws apply.

  15. Hey people… The more I get into this, the angrier I get! For example, the recent “formerly free” N10-005 file from Danielle, is EXACTLY THE SAME FILE as they use for their $50 “PREMIUM” file!!! WORD FOR WORD!!! EXPLANATIONS AND ALL! AVOID AT ALL COSTS! I also ran across a couple of the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) files that are IDENTICAL. They want to sell you the original version file for $50, and then you will find that the NEWER file, ( the v8 version as I remember), is EXACTLY THE SAME FILE! 878 QUESTIONS. EVERY SINGLE QUESTION THE SAME! I’ve used VCE files as a great source of information for my own exam simulators for years, but this is NUTS!!! I agree with the coach on many of his points. The files they offer are pulled from the “formerly free” files that users uploaded. Those users got their info from books, CD’s, DVD’s, other websites etc. I suggest getting a bunch of people together and start sharing this information! OK, buy it once and then share the cost over dozens or even hundreds of users. There is no need to EVERYONE to go in and get RIPPED-OFF by these jerks! Their true motive is now apparent. “Get everyone to upload everything for free, then we’ll SELL it!” I’m building a youtube.com page right now to further expose these RIPOFFS!!! Let’s cut their profits through our own file sharing!!! If we re-word the questions, and change around the answers a little bit, it’s not copyright infringement. And so much of this information is common public knowledge anyway. I mean how many ways can you ask what port TELNET uses???

  16. Hi all, any advance about it?
    admin, if you like send me the email I am tired searching the cracks and serials I preffer the open source.
    I think that is necessary verify all information the last demo for avanset app vce and strat from this point.

  17. I have found the cracked program out there on Piratebay and it’s legit. You have to plan accordingly though because they update the program once a month. So basically download the dump you wanna use while you have a cracked copy and don’t upgrade the program. Once they update it they change something in the coding of the file that makes it ask for the upgrade for continued use.

  18. Gday mate

    Love what you’re setting out to do.
    I’m no programmer, so I can’t help in this instance and I hope you’re well on your way to get this done successfully. I also suggest getting in touch with the A+ VCE guy on android. He’s very good and very responsive. I’m sure he’ll be a great asset to what you’re trying to achieve here.
    I contacted him about the app crashing on my phone, I got almost immediate response and solution from him.
    I paid I think $9 for this app over a year ago and I am very happy that I have opted to not go for the avanset VCE mobile app.
    I too were appalled by their new pricing system. Something has to be done.

  19. Well, yes; affiliates and pseudo-competition.
    Also, if you take a closer look, their software, which they sell directly, looks very similar to each other, and besides is written in Java 🙂 The only things that change are the skins, and even that isn’t always the case.

    By the way, http://allcertexams.com now converts VCE files into EXAM. The actual file count is really small, but, judging by their twitter, new files are being added.

    1. Correct…they are adding *.EXAM files slowly…but you have to spend $29.99 on the PRO-EXAM PLAYER product. What stops these guys from doing the same thing VCE did, once they get a huge following?!?!

  20. Avanset new pricing is outrageous and also their billing policy unfair . They have four subscriptions monthly, 3 months, 6 months and yearly. I have taken monthly subscription by paying $ 55. They claim that there is minimum 3 month tenure for monthly subscription. if you cancel it before time, need to pay a cancellation fee of $ 59.9. How come monthly and 3 month subscription has the same condition ( what is the meaning of having 4 options) . where monthly subscription is costing around $167, quarterly is costing around $95. Got really tired with customer support moron, who doesn’t talk sense. Total RIPOFF. Beware guys.

    1. I agree. When you sign up for the 1 month subscription, there is not a single mention of their so called “billing policy” which makes it so you cannot cancel your subscription before having payed at least 3 months. I have been mailing back and forth with “Alexander” from their support, and he is like a trained monkey. His only comment is “it is company policy, you have to pay”.
      There is no legal requirements that says you have to pay. Even if you read the very long “i read and agree to this policy” it does not mention the 3 months minimum.
      What they are doing is shady at best, and most likely not legal.

  21. I suggest hooking up with Anki to see if they will develop a good PDF import. (http://ankisrs.net/) Here are some conversation on it (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/anki-users/3GoZduY5mo4) and (http://www.takenote.it/blog/?p=315) – using excel (http://forum.koohii.com/viewtopic.php?id=4444).
    I’ve used Anki for test prep before and think it’s a good tool. It’s a little expensive as an Ipad app but open source for PC’s, Mac, and Andriod – developers have to make a living too 🙂 It also has a repository the community could contribute to. Just a thought.
    There’s a crack for vce but I’d rather use a different tool and be done.

  22. I would totally support this endeavor. While I (and probably the community at large) would prefer a totally free solution, I would recommend investigating in-app advertising integrated into the application, with possibly even stipend payments to the test content creators based on positive feedback. Just a thought.

    1. Dan… If you kept any of your old setup files, they still work. The thing is, tho… is that you need to registration code that was used to activate them (or re-activate them). I found an old .vce setup file and the matching registration code, and it works fine. Despite the fact that I don’t have a ExamCollection.com “access” account anymore, and my Avanset engine expired, I can still download files from them and they run. Grabbed a couple files just the other day and used them for my own Simulators. They have enough of my money. From now on, it’s all free!

  23. I bought this in Jan and have had great success with it, but I changed my machines and now cannot log on due to license amount reached I have been chasing them for two months to reset it and have heard nothing apart from 30% off for being a valued customer emails, I have never seen anyone get away with this since the cisco training fiasco scheidegger training ( I wonder if theres a relation) please let me know if you come up with something I am sure people will pay for a solution or if you want to stay free have a donation area

  24. Avanset have now put massive restrictions on the current VCE download site as of 18 Sept 2014. The latest cracks up from version 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 don’t work anymore and any files downloaded to A+ VCE player now don’t work either.

    Not A+ VCE to blame but they’re affected by it. All the files on EC seem to be affected not just the latest. They’re idiots as no-one is going to pay these monthly prices to take on average 3-4 exams a year. It’s easier just to get them from TestKing now for a one-off price.

  25. Rusty my name is fabio Fino and developed the solution that you mentioned in your blog!
    It is 100% web and free, but the layout is not ready yet and still need to create a version in English.

    I need help to put more functionality. Visit and see how it is cool!

    The site already has more than 5,000 daily hits and all issues are indexed by users.

    call me on skype “iheadgo” to talk about!


  26. I just discovered few days ago …I am absolutely disappointed.
    Let me know, if anyone interested to create a community version.

    I am not sure, what kind of business or management strategy they have ..but, I can tell …They will FAIL and will go BANKRUPT very soon.

    I have absolute and complete ban on Avanset VCE Simulator.

  27. and also the old uploaded files like the files user uploaded in 2012 and 2013 at the time of old versions now also refuse to open , and ask us to download new version , , dump files were made in 2012 and 2013 why they are not opening now in newer version why it need us to purchase a latest version as they relase new versin every single month -_-
    this vce simulater really kills my time -_- , we shld have free education source

    free education for all ^_^

    1. OK Ahmed. You say that “we shld have free education source” and “free education for all ^_^”. OK… I have a classroom full of new students and they are eager to learn your native language. Would you be interested in teaching those kids a new language for the next year or so?… NO? Why not? YOU want free education, but YOU don’t want to provide it. See the problem? It’s like they say, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!”

  28. I too was shocked at their pricing!
    This is what happens when you are a monopoly in any area. You can control the whole market and people have no choice but to be at your mercy

  29. I’m happy to pay up to five-ten bucks per exam but what Avanset is charging is extortion. They are pissing from a great height on the contributors to their cause.

    Surely the masses won’t pay for an editor that they have to pay such amounts for?

  30. I just found this thread… I am in complete agreement. THey have gotten a bit out of whack on their pricing.

    I haven’t tested this yet but here seems to be a competitor that is $98 one time fee (pro version has other options), This may be of use to some. I am planning on looking at the trial.

    1. that site is kind of a joke. I tried CLO-001 and it didn’t exist. they only have SY0-201 and SY0-301, not even SY0-401. big deal… Not much help there. those are pretty basic exams…

  31. Found the blog with VCE mobile and the word ripoff … so I´m in the same boat as you all here. I paid for there app on my PC, for my iphone and for my android tabled. And NOW I should pay again for it? I will not do that! I will for sure find another way. I do not print my money I must work quite hard for it … 8 Euro per month is quite to big for such a small and crappy application… I´m currently so pissed off!!!!

  32. What really pisses me off is that I paid $150 for a life time license for both the editor as the manager. But they stopped functioning. Because all exams of ExamCollection have been converted to a newer format.

    Count me in when developing a better version. I’d like to follow a similar model: an “independent” site hosting the exams. And a converter from vce to our own format. And if somebody decides to convert the ExamCollection collection to our new format, that’s not OUR responsibility…

  33. Hello,

    to all the peeps that said they’d contribute on an open project, why don’t you guys leave your twitter accounts and start contacting each other to see if you can get something rolling? I too believe they’re trying to reap A TON of money for something that, for starters, should be free due to their source of exams… guys uploading dumps to their site FOR FREE.

    Anyways, I’d like to say thanks to the person that put this blog post for creating a space for everyone of us to get together and see that we are a lot thinking the same. And the guys that offered their help to put a software that could provide some competition.

  34. I’ve been checking the site ‘All Exam Dumps’ that a user posted: it’s very nice. It has some dumps on it for a lot of certifications. I hope users continue to feed dumps there and create a free community-driven dump repository. This really helps everyone. Good to see people willing to share the info with the world.

    1. I think the best part about iheadgo.com is the fact that if you want to use the “pay” feature, it’s REALLY well priced. Their top-level package is less than $10, and that will buy you 1,500+ answers. I’m really impressed with what I have seen thus far. I have only been on there for a few hours, but I highly recommend checking it out.

  35. I have been using VCE for several years but only occasionally. It WAS a great way to help you get prepared for the “EXAM Speak” of the tests. I paid years ago for the 30 dollar subscription fee, happily as it was something that truly a bargain.
    I wish I could be of more help with creating a new simulator. Its just not my area of expertise. It does make me angry to see such a dramatic difference in price. Avanset must be owned now by someone trying to discourage the use of brain-dumps and someone trying to run their business into the ground. I am done with them. I will just download tests and study them until something better comes around.
    Keep me up to date.

  36. Until a new format for preparing for tests comes along I suggest the following:
    Download Bluestacks an ANDROID Emulator http://www.bluestacks.com/app-player.html and then in APP search find and download A+VCE app.
    To get the full version you will need to pay $10 OTC.

    Copy a VCE file to C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder on your harddrive, bluestacks will view this as your SD Card and add to A+VCE from SD Card.

    You wont be able to create new VCEs but you will have access for test prep and lots of android apps.

  37. Yep, I just got burned by them too. Had to reinstall my trusty old visualexam suite and when I went to register I got a message telling me I had to go buy it. I can accept if the new versions of the question files would not work in my old software, but I no longer have access to software I bought to create my own exams, and that really pisses me off.
    If anybody finds a good alternative, please post about it!

  38. I created a smart-simulator, where you hover over the question and it audio reads/explains the question and trains you wl a video of that network or system interface and cli syntax……Pretty cool

  39. I’m from the Netherlands and in my opinion it is ridiculous that they stopped the vce player. Bought it in January. I think in the Netherland it is elegal to sell a product in this way.

  40. I completely aggree with the creation of a new application to replace the Avanset VCE Exam Simulator. I am not a programmer, but as sugestions, the new appication would have to be:

    – Can read and use existent .vce files. (If possible! If not, we have to have some way to extract exam from .vce or pdf and/or convert them to be readable in the new app.
    – Offline. No need for internet connection to use.

  41. It was clear to me that examcollection is part of the conspiracy. They are converting all the uploaded vce files to the newest version. Even if it was uploaded a year ago you can only open it with the actual version of the software. This is why avanset can force you to update or buy a subscription.

  42. Hi Guys, I have also gone through this same issue – and a much cheaper alternative that actually works: usinge the A+ VCE android App. Yes it is a bit of a process to get going on a PC – need to download bluestacks (search for that) and then once IN bluestacks connect to the play store. You then purchase the app – it is a lot cheaper – around 11$ – and then use your browser in the bluestacks to connect to the online repository: http://on-labs.com/vcefiles/ and browse away. Select the file and select the app to open them with.

  43. now you tell me to pay for my owed dumps i’ve created on your site. I know there should be a way to get these bastard n make them pay. false advertisement. If i can sue McDonalds for hot coffee way not them.

  44. What is the status of this? I’m becoming quite annoyed by VCE and have been plotting my revenge for quite some time now.

  45. I copletely agree. I was also a paying customer for the old version and yesterday the new pricing model: i was completely shocked. Now i’m searching for a new solution and i’m also interested in your project. What about use a crwodfunding model to develope it faster?

  46. What is confusing me, is that the questions in vce files are exactly the same questions as in the real exam… i have attend to a couple of exams and in the beginning of the exams you have to accept the terms and conditions. one of the conditions is that copy of the exams questions is illegal. how can sites like examcollections and friends can host copyrighted material and not being accused of piracy. basically they work like piratebay with the difference that they are hosting the files.

  47. Well..classic example of what happens when there is a lack of definitive competition..thinking like filling a lawsuit somewhere against this extortionist scheme..these folks are trying to fight the geeks, and hopefully will realize their folly soon

  48. It’s someone trying to run the company into the ground. The tests are made wrong on purpose, comments and votes are fakes, I remember a couple voters I used to know by nickname getting made at the admins because they would post garbage or change a perfectly good file to protect TK, AT, SP, etc. I am an IT admin, anyone that would like a cheaper pricing on subscription could they shoot me an email I might have a good idea. But again with the reliability of the files being a joke I don’t know if its even worth it at this point.

  49. It’s been a while since the author or any commentators posted anything here. Does anybody know if an alternative piece of software is in development now?

  50. Since I sell a couple of very popular exam simulators myself, I subscribed to their “PREMIUM” files for the minimum amount of time, and download everything I could lay my hands on. Yeah, it’s a RIP-OFF, but for me it’s a write-off. Their “premium” files are a joke! They have wrong answers, some have NO answers, and they are nothing more than the formerly free files uploaded by the users that they’ve turned around and SOLD! I know. I have both files. They are nearly identical in every way, except one. The free file (by DANIELLE) has more explanations!!! They took the explanations OUT of the “premium” files!

    I did find something that may help you all out. My 3 month subscription ran out, and yes, the engine stopped working. And I still had many .vce files that I had not transcribed yet. So I tried something. I had several versions of their Visual Exam Suite setup files that I saved over the years, so I tried to get them to run. Most of them did not work, but I found one of them that did! I put my 50 .vce files on a flash drive, ran the setup file and installed it on that flash drive, and it works just fine! It’s been months since my subscription expired, and I’m just plugging along with no problem! If you have some old setup files in your download folder or something, you might try it…

  51. I have used Avaset Exam Designer to create my own exams for my students, as have several co-workers. Now, after paying for legitimate licenses, our exams can no longer be opened and used…we, as a group have decided NOT to pay extortion fees to use this product. We refuse to pay the $65 per month that they have asked, especially when, if you read the fine details, they will AUTOMATICALLY bill your credit card each month. I THINK NOT!

  52. Having checked everything out and for lack of a better alternative thus far, I have to say I do like the direction http://www.iheadgo.com is leaning in, it’s a little awkward for me since half the site isn’t in English but when you take the tests via the browser it’s pretty clever. I really hope some of you get something together. I did see a similar piece of software on sourceforge but I wouldn’t even begin to know where to find exams for that thing.

  53. At last i found something that resemble my anger level. For me, they deducted hiked amount from my credit card which i was really not happy. I complained to my bank and they took action against them and refunded my money back. They are in 1 bank bad book.

  54. I have purchased ProofExam http://sketchman-studio.com/profexam/ and you can download or upload files for your certification from http://allcertexams.com/. The player works very well with the downloaded file .exam. I found out that the ProofExam Creator (Designer) can upload the .exam files but most of the question that have images or radio button or multiple choises do not render in this app. From http://allcertexams.com/ you can still download vce files that will work with VCE Designer 1.X version if you still have it… Hope this can help

  55. Hi Rusty, thank you for bringing this up, i am one of many people who also bought the testing engine, and was no expecting such a change from avanset, they even stopped their affiliate program.

    I emailed them and offered them an amount of money that is fair enough to resell it to my customers after i engaged with them in a contractual bond, but they refused without giving a reason.

    so far i got the testing server and client software files as well as the exam designer, i tried to use something like resource tuner to stop the testing server from validating the license or to stop license services or manipulating it somehow, but without vain.

    currently i am looking for a team also to do the same if you want to talk please email me hostomani@gmail.com

  56. examcllection is the place where Avanset is getting its feed… becuase.. it started as a free initially and start showing its wierd colours…. there is a need of Opensource … viewer for .vce or new version of open source file format…

  57. Ended up using http://www.iheadgo.com. Its much better and no need to install any software. Its all web based. If you have the subscription version of the VCE, please convert the questions to PDF and send it to iheadgo.

    iheadgo needs to put ads on their website to bring in revenue.

    What would be even better is someone put out a service out there to convert VCE to PDF on a fly, somehow hack into the API to spit out PDF and plug it into web interface.

  58. Did this movement Die? Some Traction would be good. All the above option are just okay. Would really like to break the Chains from VCE. Maybe get a development page going. WHY NOT start a Kickstarter, to get this going.

  59. I just purchased the software without realizing I was buying a subscription. Very upset about the new pricing. It is over the top ridiculous. I will be searching for alternatives and visit some of the links provided here.

    thanks for the article.

  60. I bought an exam from examcollection recently and the file didn’t work, so I emailed support. Turns out it is the software…to bad so sad, I lost 40 bucks. Both of these entities suck eggs.

  61. Very pleased I’m not the only one to be infuriated with this “extortion” and very pleased that there are guys like you who are trying to take the challenge.Keep it up guys.

  62. The problem is that Avenset, through its other Certplex-owned entities (TestKing or whomever) is getting ahold of actual tests. They’re probably paying off someone at Pearson-Vue who lets them video-tape someone taking the exam and then they turn those into the encrypted .vce files. It’s illegal, but how else can you get the actual exam questions unless you steal them? So the problem for an open-source solution like this is, how do you get the content to make the exams useful?

  63. Arrrgghhh!!! What happened to the new CCNA? Mine just expired, so I have to retake at least ICND1 to get CCNA Security, but all of the ICND1 seem to have comments about not working in 2015. Is this just a scam to get people to pay for these “Premium” VCE files that have flooded the internet?

    Is Cisco behind this?!!!!

  64. One thought is to use an open-source LMS like Moodle. Set up an open enrollment Moodle site, add a ‘course’ for each cert test, then add quizzes within the course. It’s a great program and really flexible. You can insert images into the quiz questions, have different types of questions, question banks that randomize questions each time you take the quiz, feedback based on the user’s responses, etc.

  65. I’m kicking myself at the moment, I wrote a VCE parser quiet a while back. If there is such a huge demand for this software maybe I could get away with selling it for $5 or something. Any opinions?

    1. Hello Cowboy,
      Since you had successfully written a VCE parser, may be you can share your knowledge on how the a VCE is formatted or encrypted.
      That will help someone in this forum to build a free reader for VCE file.
      Or you can contact me. I would be very interested in building such a thing for this community. I have been ripped off by VCE guys too!


    2. Hello, Cowboy.

      I have interest to VCE file parser sources you mentioned. Could you share the knowledge?


  66. Please, I have Avanset VCE Exam Simulator Pro v1.0.2, but I cannot save a file in and install it together with the software. anytime I want to install it on another computer I have to install the software first and after add the files or imports the files into it, making it difficulty and waste of time. so please kindly assist and teach me on how to encrypt the files inside the software so as to install them together, making them install. Thanks

  67. whilst i do agree with many of your conspiracy theories, i do not agree with your comment that most trainers, promote, condone or actively teach the use of VCE files, there are some legitimate tests you can get that are designed to challenge and aid you in practice, but most VCE files are direct copies of the real questions that the exam actually contain. Microsoft has taken note and there are many more drag and drop, and hot spot questions these days which help the situation, but lets face it, lime many things you cant stop it only hinder those taking part. Anyone using VCE as their primary means of gaining any certification only serve to undervalue those of us who have worked hard to gain our certification, and i hope anyone who does gets caught tat Microsoft takes their certification away from them, and bans them from ever sitting an exam again. Practise tests have their place don’t get me wrong, but I am tired of meeting MCITP’s who don’t even know the basics.

  68. I’ve just discovered as well the new payment options for Avanset (via examcollection.com) and I definetely won’t pay that much money. I bought the software about a year ago and I’m very much disappointed that it doesn’t work anymore with the currently available downloads.

    Because I hardly know anything about programming, I can’t help with that but would very much appreciate if there would be a good alternative.

    The option suggested by some others (iheadgo.com) seems to be ok, but doesn’t have many exam questions for the test that I’m preparing for right now and I haven’t found out how to look at the scenario text (if it exists at all for those questions). So, it’s not very good for me right now.

    1. The only solution is to convert to PDF as of now. And I have heard many good reviews of https://vce2pdf.com – they are a secure site and do conversions really quick. I have done several conversion from them – very cheap & reliable.

      The iheadgo site gives only 5 demo questions again making it similar to avanset.

      Profexam is new and will probably take a year or so to mature into a full fledged app. Not recommended.

      1. And why is vce2pdf the only people on the planet that can make conversions? Their site says it can take anywhere from minutes up to 24 hours to do a conversion. I’m thinking that they send you the .pdf if they already have it. If they don’t, they have 24 hours to download your file from EC.com, OCR it and convert it. Probably have an unlimited account with EC.com and make up for it in volume. Eventually it will pay off as they accumulate more and more files.

        For me, reading a piece of paper does not work. The repetition I get from a “REAL” simulator burns the info into my brain. I’m not interested in passing the exam, I’m interested in REMEMBERING the information.

        1. Fabio. I see that you have developed iheadgo.com. After messing with it for awhile, here is what I think about it…

          You’ve got the right idea, but the whole thing is very awkward to use.
          There is so darn much additional crap on every screen that it’s distracting!

          With security being so hot right now, it’s odd to find that there is no CompTIA SY0-401, and that’s been out at least a year.
          The A+ 220-801 has only has 177 questions. That’s not going to get you too far. No performance-based questions or identification of any hardware that I’ve found either.

          They seemed to be more focused on you earning points than anything else. You get points for practically everything you do, even registering! Commenting, translating questions, signaling improvements all earn you points. For what reason? I have not figured that out. There’s a spot on one screen where you can BUY 200 points for $1.00 by using PayPal! WHAAAAT? I just earned 3 points by answering the last question! It’s a joke! I was getting my error codes in Portuguese!

          ANYONE can go in and “Categorize” a question (for points!), but who’s making sure the categorizations, or answers, or even the explanations are even correct? If the answers are correct, why change them? You could go in and submit bad answers and comments for EVERYTHING! That will give somebody something to do! Maybe that’s why they are soliciting for “Moderators” who have earned enough points, or BOUGHT ENOUGH OF THEM! The whole thing seems out of control.

          It seems like every time you answer a question, you get an email, and there is no way to shut it off! I finally set a rule in Outlook for ALL email from them to go directly in the trash.

          It’s originally written in Portuguese, and even when you hit a translate button to get to English, you get mixed language on the screens. And the wording is kind of screwy.
          Here is the “Explanation” I got on my last question.

          – EXPLICAÇÃO: HDMI output TV tuner Correct

          You did succeed with this question!

          Usuário clicou para ver a resposta da questão! Paga com 2 Pontos!


          If you are going to try to use this site to study from, I suggest you take a mild sedative first.

          Hey, maybe I could BUY enough points to be a “Moderator”, and then go in, (for free I’m guessing) and fix all the errors that people put in there on purpose.

          I UNSUBSCRIBED and moved on looking for something better…

  69. Hi guys,

    I would like to mention an alternative solution for all of you who is the same position as myself, learning and practicing for any exam.
    I used to use VCE for the dumps and it gave me a great help to pass my exams.
    I am very disappointed too with their move and not willing to pay this monthly price.
    Now straight to the point!

    I spent a full day of looking on the web for a solution and I have found one.

    The software called ProfExam Suite and is pretty much the same as VCE but for a very low price of $29.99 without monthly subscription.
    Their website: http://sketchman-studio.com/profexam/

    It works with .exam files, so our collection .vce files won`t work with this, but it accepts pdf format which can be converted to the required .exam file.
    I have tested this and works very well.
    Just convert your .vce files to pdf and you have a licensed testing software for a nice price!
    I have to mention one issue what I would like to highlight to the devs as well that the drag&drop bit is not working in it, but showing the correct answer all the time, so not a big issue.
    Hope this helps for a lot of you as it helped me!

  70. Does anyone know if the ProfExam Suite is perpetually licensed? I shelled out money to Avanset for both their suite and mobile offerings to only have them no longer work once they switched to the subscription model. I don’t want to get into the same thing with ProfExam.

    I emailed the vendor a couple of times to inquire about this….but no response in several days…..not sure if that is a good sign.

  71. I Support the Aim you are working to achieve, I dont know anything relating to coding my strong area is cisco Networking so dont know what help i can offer.
    I do agree with you that its an orchestrated Plan by Avanset and their owners. Their subcription pricing is a rip off. I even see on their page where they saying their new VCE Player 1.2 is IMPOSSIBLE to crack. Daring challenge to any hacker and i guess so far Avanset is winning that challenge. Maybe we need ANONYMOUS to balance the scales.

  72. I have been following the events that have occurred with examcollection.com and Avanset, and I think it’s safe to say that, despite the two different names, these are obviously the same company. Or they’re working together, they always have been. My question is, “Why are you so interested in cracking their VCE player?”. For as long as I can remember, it’s been a very generic piece of software. There are a few options, but nothing to get excited about. There are other exam simulators that blow this one out of the water.

    Is it because you’ve got a bunch of.VCE files that you can no longer access? Is it because you want to access the new VCE files that are on the site? I’m not sure that I understand the urgency or the fascination with this particular crack. What they call their “premium” files, are nothing more than files that were uploaded by users, and now they’re turning around and selling them to you for $70 apiece. I know this for a fact. I’ve kept my old files, and I’ve got their new ones. They are the exact same thing. I should say almost the same thing. On the files that I was comparing, they took out the explanations altogether, and some questions have no answer. Seriously. It says something like “needs answer”. Nobody ever went back and fixed it. They wanted to crank this stuff out so fast, that they ended up being a piece of junk!

    And since I sell exam simulators myself, I bought a short subscription and downloaded about 40 of the most popular certifications. Yes, their exam engine expired on the date that they said it would, but that’s no big deal. They have made it so that you cannot simply copy and paste the screens, but I already used optical character recognition to collect the data from many of those files, and the rest of them still work with an older visual search exam engine I’ve had around for years. I simply ran the setup, and entered the registration code, which I managed to keep over all these years, and it works fine! And oddly enough, it works with their new “premium files” but not with all of their older files. It’s kind of a hit and miss deal.

    On one hand Avanset says that they have sold 200,000 copies (something like that, I haven’t looked at it in a while ) of this engine. On the other hand, examcollection.com boasts 1.2 million users. Why the discrepancy? Are they counting every download as a new user? Who knows, and who cares? As soon as you get to the examcollection.com site you are offered a 10% discount which they say “You will never see this offer again”. But if you go ahead and sign up, and don’t do anything, the incentive gets better. Pretty soon they’re offering you 20%, 25%, 30%, and I jumped in at 35%, which is as high as I’ve seen them offer. They’re playing a bunch of games in order to sell product. No, don’t call me crazy, it was a great source of relatively cheap information, and besides, for me it’s a tax write off.

    And on one of those pages they encourage you to share your files with your friends! So go ahead and do it! If someone’s got the data from one of the files, go ahead and share with everybody you know. But for me, I found that using an actual simulator teaches me better and faster. Many, many years ago when I took my first computer based exam, I felt as though I knew the information pretty well. But when I sat down and the program actually started to run, it was like brain freeze. It was so foreign to me, I didn’t do that well. But what I have found over the years, is that by using a simulator, I can look at the answers, and I’ll already know what the question is. That’s why I see the simulators to be such a productive tool.

    But to try to crack theirs? Why bother?

  73. Lets face some fact here folks, the entire testing sphere is a scam. It’s become a complete cash cow for companies. Entire cottage industries have risen around it. They make a TON of money off this stuff. I’ve worked in IT for over 30 years, I have difficulty passing these tests, but at the same time I can work on any of the systems with ease. I see “paper mcse’s” all the time who can pass the tests but can’t set an IP address. I have lost faith in these certifications. I don’t care to take them any longer, I detest spending my time studying for them, but am forced to by my employer. What really needs to happen is a certification boycott. It’s time for us to stop taking the stinking tests, it’s time for employers to stop relying on them, and it’s time for companies to stop using them to supplement their income. My boss wears his certs on his sleeve like war medals and tells us he can’t trust that we know our stuff if we don’t pass the tests. It’s plain pathetic. You shouldn’t have to justify your value by these tests. By all means make them free, make study guides and sample tests free. Promote value in proven experience, not value in being able to pass a test. Ok, I’m off my soap box now. I just had to get that out of my system. Sorry for ranting…

  74. Oh, and one more thing, my suspicion is that this “Certplex” company is actually a consortium of the testing companies (Prometric and the like), and the big tech companies that was put together to curb the use of dumps. Just a thought…

  75. I’m actively looking for and spending hours a day trying to find ways that we can use the VCEs either by a cracked version or any alternative to using Avanset. I will not feel bad one bit sharing out any hacked version of Avanset because I felt like they have already robbed a whole bunch of us already. A bunch of us spent money on buying their software all for them to change the pricing model and make our old versions unusable to the new VCEs. I bought the software for PC, Mac, and iPad and I was only able to use it for one exam to study up on and that’s it. Anytime I find anything that is usable I will post in here and upload it to an FTP for reliability because I don’t want avanset making another penny. They know what they did was very fishy but they don’t care one bit.

    1. Well yes, robbery is a good word for it. They took everything that you gave them for free, and then they turned around and will now sell it back to you for hundreds of dollars. Nice work if you can get it. Unfortunately, my visual cert exam setup file and registration code will only install on the machines with my IP address. I can’t get it to work on anything else.

  76. it works for me. Download bluestack and install it. Then download app A+VCE and place a VCE file to ProgramData > Bluestacks > UserData > SharedFolder. When you open A+VCE navigate to storage/sdcard/windows/bstsharedfolder and you can open the VCE file. The demo version allows to take an exam only but if you want to change type of test then you need to purchase a full version. Good luck !

    1. Judging by the storage/sdcard/windows/bstsharedfolder path, I’m guessing that this is andriod only? What does the “full version” cost? From what I saw, they want you to download it first, THEN they will show you the price.

  77. Please resist in ever USING AVANSET and Examcollection, they took my money and when you try to chase them to cancel your monthly CC payment they take a long time to reply, they have also taken additional charges from my CC, however, I phoned my VISA company and complained that its was a SCAM and they refunded and investigated CERTPLEX LTD.

    I suggest all of you do the same, if you have ever bought from this company, VISA or AMEX will arrange a refund and investigate the company. This will drive certplex out from the credit or debit card space without obtaining authorisation.

    Go ON and call your Credit card company and raise the complaint that these monthly charges were not authorised they will refund you and investigate this company. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE.

    CERTPLEX IS A SCAM – someone needs to stop them and a new exam simulator needs to be made. GOOD LUCK!

    1. I bought the avasnet software last month. It is right, if you canceled the contract you have to pay another month. This was not so bad, a college also need this software. But as I canceled they say to me the MINUMUM SUBSCRIPTION is 3 MONTH ??? You find this hint on the support site (not in the billing policy. LOL. I called my lawyer, erverything is ok, they have to respect the law in the country where I bought it (germany). And there this behaviour is not allowed.

      I am also seeking for an alternative software for the next exam, hope for any hints 🙂

  78. I got hold of them. Told them when I paid for the license no where it said it will expired. They just refuses to help you. They wanted to give me a discount but working it back into my currency it is huge amount I need to pay per month. I believe what they did is not legal. Yes the software did change Yes there billing structure did change. I never received any notification that my license will expired. So there changes should not have had any effect on there current client. This Alexander did not want me to speak to manager. I not going to support the corrupted application again.

  79. I refused to pay their exorbitant fees for the desktop app, or the examcollection subscription. I ended up paying for a 1-month subscription to the iOS app. What a bunch of scumbags.

    Thanks to the comments here, I came across iheadgo.com. Not bad, but the questions need a lot of work. Annoying that you have to request access to each question individually to fix them. Also, I think that it should have a provision for an explanation for each multiple choice answer, to show why it’s correct or incorrect.

  80. Hi All,

    I thought I give you an update on ProfExam that they now made available the “Randomize Questions” and “Randomize Answers” features in their testing app. Still the best alternative on the market in my view.

    1. So, it’s $30 and includes NO files. I’m not finding any source of free *exam files. Can you suggest a site???

      1. you can convert PDF files into .exam files. i have learned to sometimes convert to RTF then back to PDF to get files to convert properly.

  81. Hi,
    I just run into the problems with this avanset / alexander / certplex ltd.
    The scam it’s that you purchase the license for one month and when you try to cancel the subscription they said that you must pay for aditional 3 months because the minimum subscription perriod it’s 3 months (and no one it’s aware about this “minimum 3 months subscription”).
    And if you want to early cancel the subscription you must pay a 60$ tax for ealry cancelation.
    There it’s nothing that can be done against this fraund ? (leggaly shut down / close them)
    For me personally: I empty my account today and I blocked my card. I switch to another account and … that’s it for now.
    But I was very pissed off about this scam/fraud … really: there it’s no solution to eradicate this ?

  82. Hey everybody. Here is something that might help you out. I found an old VCE Manager / test engine on a backup hard drive the other day. I also dug up an old registration code. I put the manager directly onto my C:/ drive, and gave it the registration code. It works fine on the three dozen premium files I downloaded with my three month unlimited subscription. There’s just one quirk. If I go directly to the .vce file, and right-click on it, and then use the “open with” selection, it comes up with the unregistered/ limited version. But, if I run the manager first and then add the file from there, it works fine. No restriction, no problem. Hope that helps…

  83. Hi,

    I’m interested in this initiative, but first I have a few questions:
    – Did you develop an SRS for the project?
    – What are the scheduling requirements, how much time are contributers supposed to put into the product?
    – Can you tell me more about the feasibility of the project, are there any available APIs for the format?
    – What progress has been made in the project so far?


  84. I have looked into this. The exam files actually have sqlite databases embbeded ontp the binary file. The sqlite database is then encoded with AES-256-CBC. You would have to know the key to decrypt it the other way.

    1. Have you been able to extract the sqlite DB from the binary file? Could you write up your research thus far? Cracking the decryption would be impossible but creating a tool to batch decrypt with a purchased key would be nice. Thanks.

  85. How is A+ VCE Doing it?

    Avanset updates their VCE format, effectively locking A+ VCE out. A new release of A+ is released a few weeks later and now you can read all those new version VCE There is something fishy here. Are they paying Avanset for the key or decrypting it themselves.

    I too was burned by the company. Lifetime access my ass.

    1. i did try it and after the 6th question it asks me for subscription , not sure if from the website or from the file itself but the fees are 19 per month.

    1. i tried it and it allows you to answer only 5 or 6 questions, after that you have to pay………different way same sh*t

  86. Found this website (http://pdfexamfiles.com) on other forums. Is not free, but much cheaper than the Avanset player, if you are looking for just 1 pdf. They do not have all the exams though, but a pretty much decent collection.

  87. http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/avanset/internet/avanset-certplex-Misleading-advertising-on-1-month-subscription-Bait-and-switch-London-1163062

    that report says everything, they have no right to claim a fee as it is not written in their terms. I will go to the bank and block them and take legal action. I also filled a report here: http://www.eccnederland.nl/en

    We do not agree with their FAQ support page when we place the order, we agree on the billing policy that says nothing about a fee or 3 months minimum:

    “Customer Hereby Agrees to the minimum Duration of Cancellation for Subscription. Customer also agree to complete the Cancellation of Subscription forma Manually and upload.”

  88. The thing that hacks me off is that I pay the £12.99 a month for use on my mobile devices (iPad and iPhone) but I cant use the desktop version. I’d have to get another subscription for the desktop software. They have us by the short and curlies I’m afraid.

  89. I tried iheadgo.com and found it helpful, especially the way answer options are randomly shuffled, to build concentration. Also there is immediate feedback whether you got the question right or not. One submitted bug though, if the browser crashes(like aw snap with Chrome) answers are not retained, so you can’t go back and review any missed questions.

    It is free although donations are encouraged. It is an easy way to prepare for the actual test conditions.

  90. Guys, I wanted to share my latest unpleasant experienced with
    Avanset, Certplex Ltd or FREE TECH SERVICE LTD the merchant name listed in my credit card bill. I subscribed to the $65.99 per month VCE Exam Pro in December 2014 and I had no issue on cancellation the next month subscription. I received a notice of renewal prior to the end of 1 month subscription.

    However, my next subscription for the same product $65.99 per month VCE Exam Pro in 8 June 2015. I proceed to submit a cancellation for the next month July. This time around, I was told that a minimum of 3 months subscription is required based on their FAQ which is not published or stated any URL link in the purchase page.
    I also did not received any notice of renewal prior to the end of the first month. In addition, upon checking with my credit card bank issuer Avanset already billed my credit card for the next month 3 days in advance.

    My credit card bank has issued me another CCard and I am now in a dilemma to fight for the 1 month refund with Avanset, Certplex Ltd or FREE TECH SERVICE LTD.

    So please BEWARE!!!

  91. I am glad I found this site. I hate the Avanset and ExamCollection. You are 100% right. Avanset, ExamCollection, TestKing and Pass4Sure are operated by the same company or team. They are originally from Pakistan. They have offices in UK and they have an office operating in Dubai under an Online marketing company.
    I know I this because they ripped me off and I wanted to find who they so I can report them.
    I have for a long time have stopped using any VEC file or any of their product. Instead I buy my PDF braindumps from http://Braindumps-PDF.com for one time payment. I use that to study and I don’t have to make any monthly payment. The files are fairly up to date and I have always had good results.

    So Avoid ExamCollection and any VCE file. They are all SCAM!

  92. If you fell for their ‘cannot unsubscribe within 3 months’-trap, here is how you legally stop the subscription and contribute to forcing them to change (Best if you paid by CreditCard):

    The way they offer their contract is against EU law, adopted in the UK (and they know it)


    Page 32:

    Article 8(9) of the Consumer Rights Directive expressly confirms that it is without prejudice
    to the provisions laid down in Articles 9 and 11 of Directive 2000/31/EC, whereby the trader
    is required to allow the consumer to verify the e-order before placing it.

    Accordingly, Article 8(2) of the Directive would in practice apply at the moment in which the consumer is asked to verify the order in line with the eCommerce Directive, i.e. to check the contents of the
    shopping basket before clicking on the ‘buy’ button.

    The terms ‘directly before’ in Article 8(2) should cover, firstly, the temporal aspect and should be construed as meaning ‘immediately before’. Furthermore, the terms ‘prominent manner’ and ‘close vicinity’ in Recital 39 suggest stronger requirements on presenting information compared to the general requirements under Article 6(1) and 8(1). The information should be presented in a way that the consumer can actually see and read it before placing the order without being obliged to navigate away from the page used to place the order.

    The specific pre-contractual information requirements referred to in Article 8(2) are:
    (1) the main characteristics (Article 6(1)(a));
    (2) the total price (Article 6(1)(e));
    (3) the duration of the contract and the conditions for terminating it (Article 6(1)(o));
    (4) where applicable, the minimum duration of the contract (Article 6(1)(p)).

    This is adopted in UK law as said:

    After sending this, the response was that payment had to be done nonetheless because it’s company policy – like a company can state to not be bound by law… It says a lot about their business ethics.

    Then it was stated that the credit card company had been ordered to cancel future payments, and a confirmation of cancellation came. Which makes sense, because of too many people cancel it through their CC company, the CC company may stop processing orders for them.

    So if you want to hurt them, just let them know it’s against the law. Nothing else. Then if they withdraw from the CC, cancel it without warning. If they complain, restate it’s against the law and that you will cancel any future payment. If enough actual cancellations through CC happen, they will be forced to change their policy or lose the CC business.

  93. Hi all

    today I wanted to install the VCE player on my new PC. I plan to do a test. 1 1/2 year ago I purchased the VCE software. I was very pissed of when I found out that my software I purchased only 1 1/2 year ago is discontinued. I am not even 100% it’s legal what Avanset did. The Avanset told me that I need to order a new license which is a subscription fee. This is a rip off.

    Before I spend 1 USD for Avanset I will learn with the PDFs.



    1. Hi

      It is not legal. They don’t care. I had the same problem. Unfortunately if you not willing to take them to court the only answer is to pay again. But this time it’s not once off. It is a lot more expensive!!!!!!!!

  94. From the initial context of the article, has any progress been made with regard to creating an opensource / one time fee vce player?

    As I know it would be something I would pay for (once) 🙂

  95. I’m going to throw this out there, and see if Mr. Rusty Wilson will approve it. I’m a developer of Exam Simulators myself, and have done so for many years. I used the original VCE engine and their files for many years as an inexpensive way to build my own databases. I too was not happy when their new pricing structure kicked in either. I knew about the 3 month minimum before I bought in, since I asked them many questions before I “subscribed”. So I paid hundreds of dollars, had unlimited access for 3 months, and downloaded approx 70 of the most popular .vce files. Here is the best part… I have an original VCE Engine that runs those files, and it DOES NOT EXPIRE. And, as specifically mentioned on the EC.com and Avanset.com websites, they ENCOURAGE people to SHARE their files. And I’d be happy to do that, except that I don’t normally go out and buy HUNDREDS of DOLLARS worth of stuff, and then turn around and start giving it way for free. So I have an idea. If you purchase any one of my exam simulators, I’ll throw in a copy of the original VCE Engine and YOUR CHOICE OF ANY THREE of the .vce files that I have. I can post the list of the 70 or so files I have. My Simulators are all less than $20, and your purchase will help offset the cost of my investment. It’s going to be a long time before anyone comes up with a solution that can compete with EC.com, and from the sites I’ve seen, (iheadgo.com etc.), it’s going to be a long time before anyone comes up with something decent. And just trying to memorize .PDF’s has never worked for me like a FULL-BLOWN Simulator does… And I, just like Mr. Rusty Wilson, the Cyber Career Coach that hosts this site, I’d like to see you all succeed in your careers, and I’m NOT interested in ripping you off… Any takers???

        1. You can get 3.4.2 off any torrent site available, the problem I am running to is finding VCE files that will run on it. Anything I find on exam collection will not work with 3.4.2. You can also find cracked v1 as well but the new VCE files on Exam Collection do not work.

      1. It seems that with everyone using bluestack and being able to crack the vce engine, there is very little interest in getting a vce engine that won’t expire. i got a screen shot from a guy that had it running, so i know it works.

  96. As of today :

    1. Download Bluestacks on your PC & Install it (Android Emulator)
    2. Dowload A-VCE-Player-FULL-v5.2.12.apk
    3. Download & Copy the VCE file inside your emulated android tablet
    4. Add your VCE file from A+ VCE
    5. If adding the VCE file from A+ does not work, install ES file explorer and open it from there, when ask what app to open it with, point to A+

    thank me later

    1. The A+ droid app works great but it seems to only be good for viewing the VCE exam files you already have downloaded. However, I find that many of the VCE files I download have incorrect answers that need to be changed.

      Is there a program that allows you to create or edit the VCE files outside of the Avanset subscription?

  97. prepdumps.com and passdumps.com are the same as well
    you can login on both sites with the same account and apply promo codes from each others websites

    1. It worked the first couple of times for me, but now I can’t upload ANYTHING. It’s a great idea, you can see what they are doing. Get everyone to upload all the files for free, and then they are going to have an online exam engine. They responded to me for the first couple of days, but now I’m getting nothing from them.

  98. What i dont understand is that everybody hates Avanset.

    I see a lot of sites where you can download de pdf of vce. Why wont we all decide one software program for our exams and all use it.

    the larger the following the sofware wil be used more often

  99. Hi all, I am very tired to search for the vce file and simulator. i have did this for a week and still cannot find a use-able file and simulator. And I tried to paid for the examcollection and found this post.

    May I have you guys’ suggestion that which sources should I go for study? actualtest?lead2pass? passlader?

    I am getting crazy. Anyone would like to share. Feel Free to mail me. plastbag1999@gmail.com.

    I am going to take CCNP Security exam. I am looking for 300-206, 300-207, 300-208, 300-209.


    1. I have used Xcerts.com in the past. The PDF questions were very helpful but their version of Test Engine is a bit clunky. But PDF questions are good enough to help you pass.

    2. I am taking CCNP Security Exam, already Passed 300-206, 300-208, 300-209 with the help of examcollection premium test questions. But examcollection no longer offering cisco test and only test to complete is 300-207. I already have 196Q premium & 242Q premium for 300-207 but not sure if its still valid, did anyone took 300-207 recently and let me know if premium 196 or 242 still valid. Thanks

    1. hey. Just gave this a try, and although it is free, it only works for a few questions, and then asks me to pay for the software. Any ideas how to get around that?

    1. Thank you for this website. but it doesnt have the latest cisco exam ICND1 v3 (100-105)
      Any one knows where to download this dump for free

  100. The people are use Certbest .
    No pdf, convertions , …

    All online and collaborative. It is a crowdsourcing .

  101. Does anyone know of a Examcollection like site that has reliable Cisco VCE Exams plus reliable feedback from people about how good they are, like Exancollection has?

    I do not see user feedback on any of the sites mentioned in here. It would be nice to know if any of these exams are valid…..


  102. Guys, look this:

    Say no to brain dumps!
    We want that the certification process be something espetacular for you to be prepared for the business world, not only for a single exam.

    We are analyzing all questions that were inserted by the user from all over the world that have flags of irregularity then it will be deleted and the respective user will be banned!

    It is important for us that you succeed on the exam , but even important is the learning procedure that will make you performance even better!

    Help us denouncing every time that that you identify questions that are exactly de same from the real exam!

    As we are a cooperative platform we expect you to help us to fight against brain dumps and piracy!

    Don’t because this process is completely anonymous!
    I would like to hear about you opnion! Can you help us? Our CEO’s Skype is CertBest! (very easy) and the support email: support@certbest.com

  103. You’ve just given me the info I was searching for. I recently had to merge some files and spent an enormous amount of time trying to find an appropriate service. Eventually I found a good one. Merging files is super easy with AltoMerge. Try it on your own here https://goo.gl/3IkULe and you’ll make sure how it’s simple.

  104. View Ticket: #CGB-480-52515

    Posted on: 01 March 2017 06:37 PM
    Hello ExamCollection,

    I’m disappointed seeing that just bought 75 Questions & Answers but just came 30 !

    Following attached the Advertisement from yours, and my invoice #3628056X

    Posted on: 02 March 2017 06:52 AM


    Thank you for your Email, yes, these are latest Q&A which we have, number of questions mentioned on exam page as well.

    We offer VCE files only to run those files you need to buy VCE simulator separately.
    ExamCollection Support

    Posted on: 02 March 2017 12:05 PM
    Dear ExamCollection,

    You have offered in your site 75 Questions and Answer, and then I went through payment with my credit card, in dollar which is very expensive for me.

    When the purchase was done, I immediately downloaded the supposed material and there is no 75 question and answers, there were only 30.

    The complaint is that.

    For this case, I want my money back in my credit card in 7 days. The invoice is #3628056X.

    If my money won’t be backed to me, I will go through all social network possible and paste this case support to let everyone know about this FRAUD until you all be judge upon my lawyer.

    Looking forward my money back.
    Posted on: 02 March 2017 04:14 PM

    We currently have 30 questions for this exam 75 is type error on the web site it will be fix soon.

    We offer VCE files only to run those files you need to buy VCE simulator separately.
    ExamCollection Support


    Posted on: 02 March 2017 05:18 PM
    So it was a fraud for publishing a liar advertisement.

    Wondering may you grand me other VCE as credit? I suggest https://www.examcollection.com/70-347.html

    Posted on: 02 March 2017 06:10 PM

    Sorry it is type error will be fix soon. Sorry we cannot offer you another exam.

    We offer VCE files only to run those files you need to buy VCE simulator separately.
    ExamCollection Support


    Posted on: 02 March 2017 07:45 PM

    Wanted to reiterate that in this case, I won’t proceed the purchase of USD 69,90 + 30% Discount.

    What can you do for me?

    According to the Billing Policy I have rights to get my money back.

    Why are you being so rude with me as consumer?


    Compliant posted on:



  105. I’ve just started my own version of the suite. So far, things are moving quite well, however, as I’m programming for living, I can’t spend much time on it. Please take a look at the video and ignore the inconsistent styling and all the unfinished stuff.


    If the thing can generate enough interest, I’ll create a Startup project and if funded I’ll go full power on it. Let me know…

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