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What is Cyber Career Coach All About?

Hey, what’s up?  I’m Rusty Wilson, the founder of Cyber Career Coach, and if you have ever asked yourself:

  • Rusty Wilson Cyber Career CoachWhat do I have to do to get a promotion, raise or even a much better paying job?
  • Why am I so miserable in my job, and what can I do to improve it, or escape it?
  • Why do I seem to miss out on all the really great opportunities
  • How can I position myself to be “IN-THE-KNOW?”

Or maybe you have been considering a new career or want to  re-energize your existing career

…You have come to the RIGHT place because that’s what Cyber Career Coach is all about!

New York Times best-selling author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said,

“Every time you see a turtle on a fence post, you can rest assured he did not get there by himself.”  

He said that because from time to time we ALL need a little help from someone else, but quite often we are unable or unwilling to seek that help!

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Rusty Wilson Cyber Career Coach“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” ~ Michael J. Fox

Here’s the deal:

I want to help Information Technology and Cyber Professionals drastically improve their career potential, by helping them get out of their own way by eliminating self-doubt, destroying limiting beliefs, and removing obstacles using specific step-by-step techniques, proven strategies, simple mindset tweaks, and stellar educational content. And I am also going to talk about taking ownership and taking action often because they are paramount to individual success!

Why do so many incredibly talented individuals remain in jobs they hate when there are virtually thousands of better options available?

Instead of settling for a mediocre job, with mediocre pay, and mediocre recognition for all your hard work and dedication, take control of your career and your future!

I’ll cut through the fluff, showing you exactly what works and how you can start improving your career and life.

I know what hiring managers look for in resumes and in interviews.  I know what it takes to make you stand out in a crowded job market.  I understand how to break down business case studies and everyday human interactions into INSANELY PRACTICAL TIPS that you can start benefiting from TODAY!

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Get started NOW.  Take your first steps toward career success!

Who is Rusty Wilson?

Rusty Wilson Cyber Career Coach

Rusty is a 20-year veteran of the Information Technology services and support industry. He holds certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, ITIL, EC-Council, CIW, and others. He has worked as a software engineer, network manager, systems administrator, IT project manager, and Director of Operations for the Army and Air Force.

After 6 years in the United States Army and 10 years of trial and error, Rusty has developed techniques that have put his career progression on over-drive. He has figured out what works and what doesn’t, and has used these EXACT techniques to increase his income 887% in just under 6 years!

Rusty has provided one-on-one career coaching to students, business owners, and employees from small businesses to fortune 500 companies, as well as military and civilian employees of the United States Army and United States Air Force.

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 “Upgrade Your Career – Upgrade Your Life”

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