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Cybersecurity: The New IT Career Boom?

More and more companies, as well government’s are increasing their commitment to cybersecurity. Recent newsworthy breaches have shined a light on the cybersecurity issue to be sure, but the exorbitant costs to these affected businesses have further exhibited the need to ramp up protection efforts. Evidence suggests this is creating a new IT career boom. Show Me […]

How to Create an Online Resume!

Creating an online resume can really boost your career profile.  A dynamic online resume can provide you with a real advantage over others who may be competing for the same position.  Best of all; it’s not difficult to do! I’ve created this step-by-step Guide to creating an online resume to help you get you started!

5 Interview Techniques that Actually Work

Well, you got the call.  Your resume made the cut, and your interview is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  Holy Cow!!! Tomorrow afternoon!!!  Okay, don’t freak out.  It’s just an interview.  Everything is going to be just fine.  If you follow these 5 interview techniques, I guarantee you’ll do just fine. Dress and Appearance This may […]