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A Framework for Success

Can you describe success? If you ask most people to describe their idea of success, odds are very good that most would have an fairly nebulous description.  Many will be unable to articulate what success means to them at all.  Sadly, many of us imagine success in very general terms. Maybe we image success as earning a larger […]

One sure fire way to enjoy your job more!

Are you unhappy in your current job, but actually enjoy the work you do? It’s funny this is problem many people discuss with their friends and colleagues

Motivation 3.0 – The Evolution of Personal Drive

I recently finished a book entitled, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (Affiliate Link) by Daniel H. Pink(Affiliate Link).  In it, the author discusses human motivation and the way it has evolved over time. Motivation – Society’s Operating System. Many of these changes have occurred due to shifts in society brought about by innovation. Basic survival […]

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