Motivation 3.0 – The Evolution of Personal Drive

DriveI recently finished a book entitled, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (Affiliate Link) by Daniel H. Pink(Affiliate Link).  In it, the author discusses human motivation and the way it has evolved over time.

Motivation – Society’s Operating System.

Many of these changes have occurred due to shifts in society brought about by innovation. Basic survival is no longer as dominant a factor in daily life as it once was for example.

The book (Affiliate Link) draws a correlation between Continue reading

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Session 7 – Do Today’s High School Students Have their Eye on Your Job?

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Show Notes

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Cybersecurity: The New IT Career Boom?

More and more companies, as well government’s are increasing their commitment to cybersecurity. Recent newsworthy breaches have shined a light on the cybersecurity issue to be sure, but the exorbitant costs to these affected businesses have further exhibited the need to ramp up protection efforts. Evidence suggests this is creating a new IT career boom.

Show Me the Money!

Companies are now, more than ever, willing to pay large salaries to experts that can help them avoid security breaches.  Experienced IT experts who have focused their attention on cybersecurity are earning upwards of  Continue reading

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